Lighthouse News August 2017

Lighthouse News
August 2017

We will be closed on Monday, September 4th for Labor Day. As always, tuition remains the same.
Our Summer Fun Calendar for August is at the front desk. Please make sure your child has a bathing suit, towel, bug spray and sunscreen here at all times. We will do water play when the weather cooperates. You may bring their things home to wash at the end of the week.
We had such a fun time with the story teller, Big Ryan, making fizzy art, making yummy beach cups and having a nature scavenger hunt! This month we look forward to Pirate week, Field games and celebrating Lighthouses 14th Birthday with an ice cream party!!
If your child has vomiting, diarrhea, or a fever, they cannot come to school until it is over for 24 hours.
We thank the Franco and Kennefick families for their many toy donations.
Please make sure YOUR child has at least one extra outfit here at school, regardless of their age. Even our oldest have accidents occasionally, spill at lunchtime or will play in a puddle outside and we don’t have enough clothes to go around. If you borrow Lighthouse clothes please make sure you return them as soon as possible.
We are always in need of extra clothes for all ages (usually size 2-7) If anyone would like to donate unwanted clothes please feel free to drop them at the front desk. Thank you
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