Lighthouse News June 2017

Lighthouse News
June 2017
I passed out registration forms to everyone who hasn’t registered their child for summer/fall yet. Please make sure we receive this back as soon as possible.
Parents: PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY INTO OUR DRIVEWAY!!!!!!!!!! People sometimes speed in and could hit a child.
Remember that June 30th is the last day of our regular year. You must pay through this day if you will be retuning in the fall.
Our Summer Fun Calendar is at the front desk. Please make sure your child has a bathing suit, towel, bug spray and sunscreen here at all times. We will do water play when the weather cooperates. You may bring their things home to wash at the end of the week.
If your child has vomiting, diarrhea, or a fever, they cannot come to school until it is over for 24 hours.
We thank the Ulshoeffer Family for their donations of baby food.
**I have essential oil diffuser necklaces at the desk for $10. Each necklace comes with a sample oil of Lavender, thieves or lemon. Let me know if you have any questions! (Sarah Jones)

Please make sure EVERY child has at least one extra outfit here at school, regardless of their age. Even our oldest has accidents occasionally, spill at lunchtime or will play in a puddle outside and we don’t have enough clothes to go around.
We are always in need of extra clothes for all ages (usually size 2-7) If anyone would like to donate unwanted clothes please feel free to drop them at the front desk. Thank you!
Frankincense essential oil was one of the most sought after oils in biblical times and only the most wealthy possessed it. The astringent property of this oil has many benefits because it strengthens gums, hair roots, tightens skin and prevents premature loss of hair. This oil helps fade stretch marks, boosts your immune system, gives relief from bronchitis and congestion by loosening up phlegm in the body. It has also been an effective remedy against stress and anxiety.

**Saturday, June 17th at 10 am will be our graduation ceremony for the children going to Kindergarten in the fall. Please let your child’s teacher know if you will be able to attend. Relatives are welcome to come as well.