Lighthouse News March 2018

Lighthouse News
March 2018

We are once again doing reregistration for your children. All children must register each year so we can plan staff accordingly. We like to register everyone here first and then open up to new clients. Please take a registration form at the lobby desk and register your child for summer/fall 2018.
Once again a reminder to not leave cars running outside while you drop off or pick up. It is against the law and could potentially be hazardous to children if your car goes out of gear. Thank you.
Please make sure your child has weather-appropriate extra clothes here at school as we only have so many of each size here. As the seasons change you may need to replace some items and as they outgrow things as well.
Some of our themes this month are Authors We Love and Animals! Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss!
A big thank you to Nicholas Gouin, who donated some Ninja Turtle toys to the school.

If there is any change to your schedule, contact information, or doctor orders, please let someone at the front desk know. Even if you have let teachers know, you must also let administration know so we can plan schedules accordingly.
Please stop at our stop sign when coming into the driveway. Many parents are driving too fast and could inadvertently hurt a child. There is nothing more precious to us than the safety of your children.