Lighthouse News January 2021

Lighthouse News
January 2021

Happy New Year!!!!
We will close at 3pm on December 31st, closed on January 1, 2021. As always, tuition remains the same during closures.

Please pay tuition by every Friday or you can certainly pay ahead. You can also pay from your online banking by setting up a weekly or recurring payment to Lighthouse Learning, 79 North St. Mattapoisett. Your account is your child’s name.

Please attach a lanyard to your child’s mask. A lot of our small friends are dropping/losing their masks and having a lanyard attached is a great way to take a mask break without losing it.

We suggest you leave backpacks at school with children’s extra
clothing and only take their lunch boxes back and forth. This way the children aren’t carrying heavy loads each day.

**From now on we will require a 24 hour wait period from the
time a child receives a dose of ANY vaccine due to the adverse
reactions that may appear in some children. Some of these adverse reactions include; fever, rash, allergic reaction and even death. This includes the FLU vaccine.

**Per Governor Baker’s mandate, as of 2/28/21 every child will need proof of having received the Flu vaccine or a signed religious/medical exemption. If you have not turned in either one please make sure we get this by the deadline. Thank you!