Lighthouse OCTOBER 2021

Lighthouse News
October 2021

We congratulate Ms. Ashley and Ms. Theresa for completing the Director 1 course.

Please make sure your child has a set of extra clothes here. Even the older children sometimes have accidents or spills and we don’t have many pairs of underwear/pants for every age group. If your child is sent home in Lighthouse clothes please make sure to return them.

Our next holiday is Columbus Day on Monday, October, 11th. As always, tuition remains the same.

As a reminder, per our Parent Policy, we require a 24 hour wait period after a child receives any vaccine. This is due to the risk of adverse reactions (this includes the flu shot).

We no longer administer over the counter medications (Tylenol, Motrin, etc.) only those prescribed by a physician. If your child needs to take or keep a prescribed medication here for emergencies (Epi-pen, inhaler, etc) please see the front desk for the necessary paperwork. Thank you. All paperwork is valid for one year.

Per our Enrollment Agreement, the daily tuition rate includes 9 hours of care. For anything over 9 hours there is an added fee of $5/day.

We are no longer applying sunscreen so if you would like your child’s teacher to return it please let them know.