Lighthouse May 2023

Lighthouse News
May 2023

Our next closure is on Monday, May 29th for Memorial Day. As always, tuition remains the same.

We will be having our Preschool graduation on Friday, June 2nd at 11 am. We will be serving a light lunch. We hope everyone can make it!

We are now full for summer and fall. If you are not attending our Summer Program, please let us know when your child’s last day will be.

Please be looking for our Summer Fun Calendar as we have lots of fun things planned! We suggest having a bathing suit and towel kept here so we can take advantage of the hot days and our sprinkler.

We will be asking for sunscreen and bug spray for each child for the summer months as well. Only if the children are in the same classroom can they share.

Due to potential adverse reactions we require 24 hour wait period after receiving any shots before coming back to school.

For those of you who keep extra clothes here for your child (thank you!) now is the time to switch over to summer attire.

Happy Spring!!