Lighthouse News April 2021

Lighthouse News
April 2021

Love the warmer weather! Now is the time to reregister for the summer/fall. Even if your child will not be attending please return the form noting that. If you signed up this year (January ’21) you do not need to pay the registration fee but we still need one filed out, as some change their schedules in the summer. Thank you!

Online Banking for Tuition payments:
Please pay tuition by every Friday of service or you can certainly pay ahead. You can also pay from your online banking by setting up a weekly or recurring payment to Lighthouse Learning, 79 North St. Mattapoisett. Your account is your child’s name.

Please make sure your child has a set of extra clothes here. Even the older children sometimes have accidents or spills and we don’t have many pairs of underwear/pants for every age group. If your child is sent home in Lighthouse clothes please make sure to return them.

**From now on we will require a 24 hour wait period from the
time a child receives a dose of ANY vaccine due to the adverse
reactions that may appear in some children. Some of these adverse reactions include; fever, rash, allergic reaction and even death. This includes the FLU vaccine.

PARENTS: IF YOU COULD PLEASE PARK AS FAR FORWARD along the handicap ramp AS YOU CAN SO OTHERS MAY HAVE A PLACE TO PARK WOULD BE PREFERRED. No one should park in front of the stairs. Traffic is horrendous at times and we all need to make room for someone else. Thank you.