Lighthouse News June 2024

Lighthouse News
June 2024

Our Preschool graduation is this month!! It will be held on Friday, June 21st at 11:30am. We will be serving a light lunch and all extended family are welcome to come as well! Please bring your own chairs/blankets.

If your child is not registered for the summer/fall please let us know their last day. This needs to be before July 1st. For everyone staying through the summer, our Summer Fun Calendar will be at the front desk shortly.

Please make sure your child has extra clothes here. Our
supply is limited especially for infants and preschool.

**We require a 24 hour wait period after
receiving any vaccines/shots due to potential
adverse reactions. This is stated in our Parent Policy.

We have sent home sunscreen and bug spray authorization forms. Please make sure you return them signed and including the exact brand you bring in. We need one set of each per child unless they are in the same classroom.